We are an educational, social and theatrical culinary experience. We host events around the world, however the majority take place in the New York City area.

Some events are simple and some extravagant. Over the past few years, these events have taken on many forms, generating new and interesting ways for people to interact with food and each other.

A brief history:

The first dinners Daniel Castaño and I cooked were arraigned around Sunday afternoon bocce games held at McCarren Park in Brooklyn in the summer of 2007. With music spilling out from the pool, we would fight the summer heat with cold beverages and talk of what we were to cook that evening. As the sun set over the city we would retreat to one of our home with a few dozen friends to cook a meal we used to with our families: everyone involved in the kitchen, contributing, talking and washing. We developed a real habit of turning Monday morning into a veritable nightmare.

We began to challenge ourselves by increasing the breath and intricacy of the meals we were serving. The advances we made eventually lead us into haute cuisine and modern cooking. For most of the year 2008, Daniel was busy in Bogotá, Colombia opening up Emilia Romagna, named the Best New Restaurant by the Revista La Barra.  While I was thrilled for Daniel’s success, I had to work extra hard to make up for the fact that I am not, and I repeat, not, a chef.

So, I dove into modern and experimental cooking. By the time Daniel had returned to Brooklyn, I had transformed my meager apartment kitchen into a veritable commercial kitchen/laboratory. I outfitted it with stainless steel counter-tops, lasers, infizzilators, induction burners, vacuum chambers, immersion circulators, liquid nitrogen, pasta makers and a 95-year-old butcher block that my great-grandfather made for his simple Italian restaurant in upstate New York.


Michael J Cirino

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Daniel Castano

Daniel Castaño

Michael J Cirino

Michael J Cirino

Andrew Rosenberg

Andrew Rosenberg

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