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A French Culinary Institute graduate, Daniel specializes in Italian cuisine and has worked in some of New York’s most highly esteemed kitchens, including Lupa, Babbo, and Quality Meats. Most recently he worked as Sous Chef for Otto Restaurant Enoteca Pizzeria and Executive Chef for the Italian Wine Merchants.  Daniel’s desire to further enhance his international culinary perspective has led him to kitchens all over the world. In Foixa, Spain he worked with Felicitat Rutlan at Can Quel, and he is the Executive Chef of his newest project, Vera, an Italian inspired restaurant in Designer Silvia Tcherassi’s debut Hotel & Spa in Cartagena de Indias.

Daniel is the Executive Chef and Partner at Emilia Romagna in his hometown, Bogotá, Colombia, which was named Best New Restaurant by the Revista La Barra in 2009. He is also the Executive Chef and Partner at Vera a coastal Italian Restaurant at the award winning Tcherassi Hotel Cartagena, Colombia, and Lucia an Italian Steakhouse at the The Charlee Hotel in Medellin, Colombia. In addition to the formal dining establishments he is also the Executive Chef and Co-founder of Julia, a chain of wood-fired pizzerias that are currently.

Daniel co-founded a razor, a shiny knife with Michael J Cirino in the summer of 2007 over many a drunken Sunday bocce game spent talking about the dinner they would cook after the sunset. He has been in Colombia for too long and should come back to New York soon for all of our sakes.


A collection of Photos of Daniel Castaño

."\n"[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_2008-11-01stark64.jpg]5440
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_esnaiper-machin.jpg]1070
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_jennifer_may_photo-0626.jpg]900
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_jennifer_may_photo-0694.jpg]1110Chef Daniel Castano and the hind quarter, as he says, the prize possession. Castano is Michael Cirino's business partner and is also the owner of Emilia Romagna, an Italian restaurant in Bogota, Columbia. Photo by Jennifer May for the New York Times
Chef Daniel Castaño and the hind quarter, as he says, the prize possession. Castaño is Michael Cirino's business partner and is also the owner of Emilia Romagna, an Italian restaurant in Bogota, Columbia. Photo by Jennifer May for the New York Times
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_the-munchies.jpg]630
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_2009-10-nywff-180.jpg]410A Dangerous Man
Just moments before the doors opened at the Meatball Madness, Daniel had the deep fryer full of beef fat and running at full speed. His mind was only focused on destruction.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_2009-06-20lemans-007.jpg]450Daniel
Apprising the situation
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_2009-06-20lemans-009.jpg]380It might be better
It might be better if you didn't put these on top of this and you moved that over there. I could be wrong but most likely I am not.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_2009-06-20lemans-014.jpg]280Suited-up
Attempting, with the few free moments we have before we start our 24 hour Les Mans of cooking to get a cork out of a bottle of wine.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_2009-10-11-kitchen-13.jpg]180Locally Sourced
On the line making pasta for our Locally Sourced meal as part of the New York Wine and Food Festival 2009
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_aaimg_0237.jpg]380Daniel Loves lasers
This point is not to be disputed by anyone and if you are interested he will show you them at any point no matter what is going on in the world.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_img_1252.jpg]260Pork Roast
And a fine pork roast indeed
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_p1000170.jpg]210A Cold Car
A frigid Chicago was waiting for us and Daniel was almost fully prepared
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_p1000183.jpg]160Tasting Tuffles
They almost always taste good but it is better to just make sure.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_danielexplainsblacktruffle.jpg]160Daniel Exploding
After giving a rousing and educational breakdown of how to make pasta and then the black truffle stuffing Daniel explains why this dish is so amazing and how it is going to blow their minds all over their faces.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_aaimg_0365.jpg]160Making Pasta
We all seemed to be well versed in pasta making, but don't let us fool you, Daniel is the best as he really takes the time to do it right where I mostly cheat.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_platinglamb.jpg]210Plating Lamb
On Saturday night in Chicago we had finally gotten this plating pretty close to spot on but we were still incredibly nervous with Michael from TO Chicago there who had eaten at the original Aliena meal and Sous Chef Andrew Graves from Alinea.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_p1000383.jpg]150A dead stare
Across the room and a smoking cold pile of frozen olives, that were just pulverized into a fine powder with Liquid Nitrogen.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_p1000736.jpg]130Are they done
Trying to see if raspberries had been completely frozen in the liquid nitrogen so we could shatter them into little pieces.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_img_2338.jpg]190Plating
Here the Danny's are tag teaming a pile of Pretzel plates at our "Candy and Cocktail" Event at Botanica.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_p1000774.jpg]100About to burn
Here is a pile of fresh strawberries that are covered in light and fluffy Manchengo cheese, sugar and salt and just waiting to be bruleed into a fine caramel.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_img_2335.jpg]110In the back room
Looking mischievous with Danny Z after a long day at our "Candy and Cocktails" event at Botanica.
[img src=http://www.arazorashinyknife.com/wp-content/gallery/daniel/thumbs/thumbs_skol-daniel.jpg]170Skol
In honor of Dave Arnold and Nils Noren's collection of Skol photos Daniel did one with aguadiente, the Colombian brand. And even though they are supposed to be only 3 photos the 4th one was just too awesome.

Michael J Cirino - Andrew Rosenberg

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