Jonny Cigar

Self-Appointed Master Sommelier

Mr. Cigar is a professional entertainer and Self-Appointed Master Sommelier who studied acting at Oxford University and the Juilliard School of Drama. He presents original works around the world. He has been invited to collaborate with Robert Wilson, The Wooster Group, Richard Foreman, The New York City Players, and the Belgian based Needcompany. However, Mr. Cigar’s demanding schedule has not permitted such collaborations to date. In 1943 Mr. Cigar toured in the USO shows and afterwards settled into a decade of performing at the Copa in Las Vegas. In 1983 he Co-Founded an underground, speakeasy-style traveling saloon called The Noble Rot.

For over 115 years, Jonny Cigar has set the standards for innovation, quality and traditional craftsmanship. A cultural icon to consumer’s everywhere, with forward-thinking design and exceptional customer service, Jonny Cigar offers premium-quality consumables for men and women that complement today’s modern lifestyle. Whether it’s classic, legendary, or casual, Jonny Cigar’s old-world dedication is time-honored and true to its founding principles. With 380 locations throughout the US and Canada, he has become an industry leader and a dependable name you can trust. Available in the organic section.

Learn more about him at: Winetology

Jonny has been an integral part of a razor, a shiny knife for longer than we can remember.  His voice adds to the over arching concepts and dramatic effects that are critical in giving life to each of our events. Keep your grubby hands off of his jacket it is 100% wool of foreign origins.


A personal collection of photographs of Jonathan Cristaldi

."\n"[img src=]350Jonny at Ma(i)sonry
Jonny relaxing at Ma(i)sonry after a very nice visit to the French Laundry and a delightful conversation with chef Cory Lee
[img src=]50Jonny Find Home in San Francisco
A leisurely six hour plane flight leaves Jonny a little worse for the wear but ready to spend the next twenty hours driving around San Francisco trying to prepare for the weekends events.
[img src=]10Bent beyond recogintion
Waiting for liquid nitrogen to be poured into our tank Jonny realizes how handsome he is, again.
[img src=]40
[img src=]10
[img src=]00
[img src=]10
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]20
[img src=]20Causal Jonny
Behind the HouseKu I get some chin wagging in and Jonny reminds us how well we should all look. While being blurry.
[img src=]00Causal Jonny
How can we not remember this photo from his 1997 spread in esquire magazine.
[img src=]10Jonny and his bow tie
Hunting for the last of the fickle ingredients, we take a moment to admire his bow tie.
[img src=]00Jonny after a 6 hour meal
Now is the time for exhaustion and panic to set in. Good and proper. It is four AM and he just poured more wine than I care to admit
[img src=]00Jonny Carving
Jonny was asked to carve a goose at our Italian Christmas this year because he has his own electric knife and is a damn fine bird shaver
[img src=]10Pouting
Jonny Pouting in front of a brick wall
[img src=]00Jonny in Coversation
Attempting to capture the Jonny in his natural environment
[img src=]00Jonny aware
He quickly become aware of the camera as his powerful olfactory senses has been trained to recognize all sorts of wines and media capture devices.
[img src=]00Jonny in reverence
Then releasing a deep and brutal howl the room is brought to silence

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