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A razor, a shiny knife is a collection of diverse multidisciplinary individuals constantly looking for new and interesting ways to be creative. We are looking for new inspired people with whom to create.

If you would like to contribute your personal creativity to our organization and desire to be kept abreast of future opportunities to work with us on events, please fill out the form below. Upon completion, you will receive an automated message from our email server. Please feel free to respond to this email telling us more about yourself. What are your passions? How do you like to be creative? What unique skill sets have you accrued that would bring something interesting to the table?

Please realize that the opportunity to volunteer is not reserved only for professional cooks, waiters, bartenders, or wine stewards. Our group is a collection of individuals from myriad disciplines. It is through this open community that we constantly inspire and push each other to create new and interesting ideas.

I thank you for your time and I look forward to cooking with you.

Michael J Cirino

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